The Polsoc Paper Revival

I’m happy to be writing this as the first official editor of the Polsoc paper. I’m passionate about two things; writing and politics. So, this is absolutely the perfect venture for me and something I’m equally as excited about, is the opportunity to showcase the writing of future journalists, politicians, policy advisers and more.

I love journalism because it gives you an entirely different framework to look at politics through. Writing academic essays can be long and cumbersome but you can talk about the same ideas in an article, you can throw in some personality and wit. This is something I’m really excited to see from our contributors. I want to see all sorts of opinions, analyses and ideas thrown around in an environment where my fellow writers can hone their prose and write about what they have passion for.

My plans as editor are simple:

  1. To give political writers a space and domain that is completely theirs, and for them to be proud to write for it.
  2. To upload semi-regular articles about current affairs that do not conform to what we see in mainstream media, nor in social media. Takes that really are original and possibly even challenge what the media cover.
  3. To grow the paper into something that people really want to write for.

As I write this, contributors are starting to write articles about some recent current affairs so stay tuned!

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